Jonathan Hinson

4 Player Card Game

Remove Aces from Deck, and deal face up in front of each player to determine starting Suits for each player. Aces always remain face up in front of players.

Each player is dealt 7 cards.

Place a Card from the Draw deck face up in the middle of players to start the Play Pile

The Suit you have determines the type of cards you can play in the Play Pile.

Hearts can only play Cards that are the same colour as the top card of the Play Pile.

Diamonds can only play cards of the opposite color of the Play Pile.

Clubs can only play cards that are Higher than the Cards in the Play Pile

Spades can only play cards that are Lower than the card in the Play Pile.

Players take turns playing cards into the middle Pile based on the rules above if they cannot place a card, they pass.

Players draw cards at the end of their turn.

The First player to have no cards in their hand before their Draw Phase wins.

How do you reduce the number of cards in your hand?

During a players turn, they may place a card next to their Ace, face up (called the Lessen Card). There can only be one Lessen Card per player at a time.

If your Lessen Card can be validly placed onto the card you just played on your turn, you may do so before drawing and ending your turn.

You may only, place a Lessen Card, or Play a Lessen card on your turn, not both.

Lessen cards cannot be removed in any other way, they must be played onto a valid Play Pile card you have just played.

Swapping Aces

When a player places a Lessen Card, they swap their Ace with whoever has the suit of the Lessen Card they played.

Turn Order

The turn order is determined by the suit of the card you have played. Whoever has the Ace matching the card that was last played in a turn (from hand, or Lessen card if played).

ie it’s possible to have many turns in a row.

Running out of cards and not being able to play...

Reshuffle the Play Pile into the Draw pile if Draw pile runs out, leaving the last played Play Pile card in place.

If a player can’t do anything on their turn, they still draw a card, but only if they have less than 7 cards. If they have 7 cards and still can’t do anything, then play moves to the left.