Jonathan Hinson

When you collect the final section of a Panorama, you have the option of taking coins instead of points. 3 for Paddy, 4 for Mountain, 5 for Sea.(Panorama achievement cards are always points) This helps a bit with coin acquisition in higher player counts.It also adds an aspect of “shooting for the moon” for those […]

Our household wasn’t happy with the official Mountain Movement rules. Something feels unrealistic with the mechanic; so we prefer these 2 House Rules: 1. Descent Rule: Move two squares on your first move that lands on a Descent square (per turn). Examples: (‘S’ is starting position) Entering a Descent with a 5 Energy… Starting on an Descent […]

1. When attacking another player, you roll any number of your Vikings on the table (or we prefer dropping in a dice tray).Some of these Vikings will be laying flat, and the others will be considered “Standing”. These “Results” are kept on the table, showing how many are flat and how many are standing. (we like to then […]

Enclosure Placement Rule Variant: Enclosures can only be placed where they will connect to an existing Bear House of the same type. Or another Enclosure of the same type. Thematically, Bears aren’t moved from their houses to another area of the park to be put on display, they are always connected to their House. (When playing […]

Hidden Outcomes.The Leader must read the Dilemma Card – and does not reveal the Possible Outcomes. Only a Leader may view the card. Phase 2 of a round is skipped (Don’t place the Outcome Tokens on the Balance) as only the Leader may look at the Possible Outcomes listed. Anyone taking the Leader Token during […]

Place a token (poker chip, meeple, whatever) into the centre of the board – this is the “Breeze”.After a player makes a move, and places their Move Card to the side, they must move the Breeze into a space that the incoming Move Card allows before taking it. (If you cannot legally move the Breeze, […]

Place two colour arrows… one pointing left and the other right.You deduct the highest percentage colour on a card from the other colour, and place according to the amount of remaining colour. eg. When playing with Blue and Red Arrows:A 20% blue / 5% Red card = is a 15% Blue Card.A 4% Blue / […]

For 3+ PlayersThis variant introduces Resource Tokens, and was designed to focus on resource gathering, and increased player interaction. Extra tokens needed:– Resource Tokens of each type (22 Wood for Forests, 26 Wheat for Fields, 14 Meat for Grasslands, 18 Fish for Lakes)(I use Pandemic Cubes – Black/Wood, Red/Meat, Yellow/Wheat, Blue/Fish)– 22 Gold Tokens Setup:Each […]

You will need: The Board (above), printed or recreated on an A3 Size sheet of Paper or larger. An Opaque Bag (Dig bag) that contains: (The cubes used are standard board game cubes in various colours) To the side you will also have Before the game begins, remove 7 cubes unseen from the Dig bag, […]

Deal each player 7 cards. Players place these cards into their hand in the order the were dealt. during the game, you can never reorder the cards in your hand. Each player takes turns playing a “poker hand” from their hand. Only cards that all next to each other in their hand can be played […]

A Card game for two players. How to Start Each player receives 4 secret cards from the top of a shuffled deck. They may place these cards face down in front of them, in any order, left to right. You cannot place the same suit next to another suit. If this is not possible, declare […]

A Card game for 2 Players. Players will take turns placing cards in a row (a row each), and each card placed will either be Valid, or Not Valid placement, based on a secret constraint or sequence determined by the other player. Each player writes down a secret constraint for how a sequence of cards […]

2 Player Space Battle Card Game

4 Player Card Game Remove Aces from Deck, and deal face up in front of each player to determine starting Suits for each player. Aces always remain face up in front of players. Each player is dealt 7 cards. Place a Card from the Draw deck face up in the middle of players to start […]

A beautiful cooperative card game for two players.
The Battle of.. is played 1 against 1. It simulates a battlefield melee between two opposing medieval forces - With Archers, Men-at-arms, Spearmen and Cavalry.

Each play draws 7 cards. Each player will have four piles in front of them from left to right – a pile of Hearts, a pile of Diamonds, a pile of Spades, and a pile of Clubs. To start, each player takes turns playing a card from their hand into one of the piles (or […]

A Dice Battle - like Yahtzee on steroids.
A card game of matching sequences.
A card game a bit like tic-tac-toe.
A two player version of the Hearts card game.
It's poker, but not as you know it.
A fast and strategic card game for 2 Players.
A game of Baseball using Playing Cards.
A competitive card game that simulates a 2 person fight.