January 23, 2017


Each player receives 2 dice to keep a Health count, starting from 12. Keep a paper score sheet for each players Point tally, and each players Energy Tally. Each player takes turns rolling 5 dice. They may retain any dice and roll the remaining dice. They may then roll a 3rd time with any dice. A player then chooses what action they wish to take. Give Damage, Gain Health, Gain Points, or Gain Energy. A player may only perform one of these actions. Each 6 is worth 1 Energy (mark the amount on the players Energy Tally). (A Player May only […]
November 5, 2015

General Mhing

Each player is dealt 7 cards. Use a score sheet – when someone hits 20 points, the player with the highest points wins. This can take a few games. The oldest player goes first (there is a disadvantage to going first). Players take turns drawing a card from the Draw Pile and discarding a card from their hand (face up in the Discard Pile between the players). Instead of discarding a card, you may instead place in front of you a “Sequence”. This is 3 cards of the same suit in face value order. eg. 7 Hearts 8 Hearts 9 […]
October 5, 2015


Also known as “Tic-Tac-Cards” (The first player to place a third card of the same suit along a row, wins) Each player draws 7 cards. To see who goes first, each player places a card face-down. Turn both cards over. Whoever has the lowest card wins (claims the centre position, and becomes the colour they won with). Place the losing card beneath the winning card in the centre grid position. Each player draws a card. Technically, the first player has already had their turn (the card in the centre), so the second player plays first. From here, players take turns placing a card […]
February 21, 2015

Seven Card Hearts

This is a two player game. Cards are ranked 2 low to Ace high. Each player is dealt 7 cards. The First Player places a card into the Play Position (and draws a card), and the second player places a card on top Play Position (and draws a card). The Second Player must follow suit if able to do so. If the Second Player followed suit, whoever placed the highest card becomes the First Player, and places the Play Position cards into their Point Pile. If the Second Player did not follow suit, then the First Player remains the same, and places the Play Position cards into their […]
March 11, 2014


Loosely based on Poker - this is an rather unique game.
March 11, 2014

Suit Up!

A Fast and Strategic game for 2 Players.
March 11, 2014


This Card Game Simulates a Game of Baseball.
March 11, 2014


Card-Fu is a competitive card game that simulates a battle between two Martial Artists. The object of the game is to reduce the opponents health to zero through winning combats and performing combos.
December 30, 2013


You control a Kingdom, with a Royal Court, and the Royal Court's Subjects. A very difficult Card Game to Learn and Play.