Jonathan Hinson

Each player draws 7 cards.

To see who goes first, each player places a card face-down. Turn both cards over. Whoever has the lowest card wins (claims the centre position, and becomes the colour they won with).

Place the losing card beneath the winning card in the centre grid position. Each player draws a card. Technically, the first player has already had their turn (the card in the centre), so the second player plays first.

From here, players take turns placing a card into a position within the 3 x 3 grid. And drawing a card.

A card can be played in any empty place on the grid.

A card may also be placed on top of another card if:

1. It is the same suit

2. It is the same value or higher AND the “Next” suit

A “Next” suit is…

Diamonds can be placed on Clubs.
Clubs can be placed on Hearts.
Hearts can be placed on Spades.
Spades can be placed on Diamonds.

Ace Rule: Ace is played as the highest card – and once placed is the lowest card.
When a player places an Ace, they become that colour, and the other player becomes the other colour.

Who wins: To win the game, you must place a third card of the same suit along a row and it must be your colour.