Each player receives 2 dice to keep a Health count, starting from 12.

Keep a paper score sheet for each players Point tally, and each players Energy Tally.

Each player takes turns rolling 5 dice. They may retain any dice and roll the remaining dice. They may then roll a 3rd time with any dice.

A player then chooses what action they wish to take. Give Damage, Gain Health, Gain Points, or Gain Energy. A player may only perform one of these actions.

Each 6 is worth 1 Energy (mark the amount on the players Energy Tally). (A Player May only have a maximum of 20 Energy)

Each 5 is worth 1 Damage to an opponent (they record damage by turning their dice to lower their health count).

Each 4 is worth 1 Health (you may turn your dice to restore your health count (to a max of 12).

If you have one 1, you gain 1 Point. Each additional 1 is worth 1 more point.

If you have two 2’s, you gain 2 Points. Each additional 2 is worth 1 more point.

If you have three 3’s, you gain 3 Points. Each additional 3 is worth 1 more point.

After choosing an Action, a player may also spend Energy points to contribute a bonus to the chosen effect. Each 2 Energy points spent, add a +1 bonus to the total. Energy cannot be used to cause extra Damage. (Energy can only be used for Health and Points.)

2 Energy can also be spent for an extra roll (at any time).

A player may forgo taking any an action at the end of their turn. By announcing “Withholding”. The next player must play their turn with only 4 Dice. (for one turn).

The first player to reach 20 Points, or cause opponent to lose all Health, is the winner.