Card-Fu is a competitive card game that simulates a battle between two Martial Artists. The object of the game is to reduce the opponents health to zero through winning combats and performing combos.

Game Setup

You may need to use pen and paper to keep health score. Each players starts with 60 Life.

Shuffle the deck, and deal each player 7 cards.

Clubs = Throw / Hearts = Block / Spades = Attack

These are the three types of “moves” you can make in combat – They have a “rock-paper-scissors” relationship – instead it’s “throw-block-attack”.

Note: block beats everything when played with a lower value.


Each player plays a card face-down, and then reveals their cards. The combat winner can then play extra Damage Cards (Diamonds).

Tally-up the number of damage dealt in the attack and note it on the score sheet.

Discard all “combat” cards (any cards that were just played). Then each player ensures they have seven cards in their hands (Draw cards)

The Combat Winner?

Clubs beat Hearts, Hearts beat Spades, Spades beat Clubs. If each player reveals the same suit, then the lowest value card wins (lower is considered faster). If each player has Block (Hearts), then nothing happens.

Note: Counter Attack!
If your Block (hearts) is “faster” (lower card value) than an Attack, then you may to play 1 extra “Combo Card” (diamonds) from your hand. This is called a “Counter Attack”.

Also, when you play a Block that is faster than a Throw (which would normally beat a Block) – you win! You may also play 1 extra Combo Card (diamonds)

Card Value?

Cards are considered faster – when their value is lowest. When two Attacks (or Throws) are played, the faster card wins that combat. Note: Aces are considered the lowest ranked card (fastest card) – however, they do Ten Damage (Except for Ace of Hearts)

Combo Card?

Diamonds are your Combo Cards; they are played on top of a successful attack/throw – play as many from your hand as possible, but you must follow a one higher or one lower sequence.
For example: If you won an attack with a 7 of clubs, then you may now play an 8 of diamonds, then a 9, then a 10, Jack etc.
Example 2: If you won an attack with a Queen of Spades, then you could place a King of diamonds, then a Queen of diamond, a Jack, 10 of diamonds, 9, 8 etc.

Tally the Damage

When the combat is over – the loser must add up the total damage dealt.
This includes the card that won the Combat – and all Combo Cards (diamonds).
Tally the numbers on any numbered cards, and then add 10 for each Ace, Jack, Queen or King.



Winning the Fight
When a player has 0 or less life, they Lose the Fight.

If both players exhaust their supply of cards – and no one has reached 100 – then the lowest score is considered the loser.


Optional – Prevent Combo with a Bluff

When you lose combat, you may play a card from your hand face down. After the opponent finishes their combo, reveal and discard your card. If you revealed an Ace, all combo damage is reduced to 0. If you do not reveal an Ace, then you bluffed and your card did nothing. This kind of bluff can trick the opponent into stopping their combo early.