Jonathan Hinson

“Nobles & Glory”: An Engrossing Symphony of Strategy and Chance

Review By: The Card Connoisseur Jonathan Hinson’s “Nobles & Glory” transforms a simple deck of standard playing cards into an epic tableau of power, ambition, and intrigue. “Nobles & Glory” artfully orchestrates a complex tapestry of resource management and strategic planning amidst

The Kingdom Card Game Story

Regnant Action – Old During your Action Phase, you may once activate a Regnant Ability – based on the Suit of your Regnant you may do one of the following. “Harvest” – Discard a Spade Peasant to:Convert a lower value Peasant to a Subject or a Glory. “Scholastic” – Discard a Heart Peasant to:Take an Opponents Peasant of a lower value and place as your Subject or a Glory. “Pillage”