Jonathan Hinson

For 3+ Players
This variant introduces Resource Tokens, and was designed to focus on resource gathering, and increased player interaction.

Extra tokens needed:
– Resource Tokens of each type (22 Wood for Forests, 26 Wheat for Fields, 14 Meat for Grasslands, 18 Fish for Lakes)
(I use Pandemic Cubes – Black/Wood, Red/Meat, Yellow/Wheat, Blue/Fish)
– 22 Gold Tokens

Each player starts with 3 Gold Tokens on their Castle Square.
Place remaining Gold Tokens into a pool.

How to play:
Assume general Kingdomino mechanics – with the changes and additions below, however, each player does not need to build their kingdom within a certain grid size)

On a players turn, they may choose to select a new domino as usual, or choose to instead “Perform an Action”.

When choosing to Perform an Action, a player doesn’t select their next piece, and instead places their King above the possible domino choices, (also placing their King beneath any existing Kings that have already chosen to Perform an Action this round)

Dominos that weren’t selected this round are discarded.

At the start of the next turn, any players that chose to Perform an Action, will in turn (in order from top as usual), Choose one of two actions.

Action 1: Gain Resources.
You may pay 1 Gold Token (to the pool) to place one thematically appropriate Resource Token on a Crown Square (any Square with a Crown on it), and any adjacent Squares (including diagonal) of the same type that do not currently have tokens on them.

Note: Double Crown Grasslands can be used twice, on a subsequent turn. You may place a second token on the Double Crown Square, and one token on any adjacent Squares (including diagonal) of the same type that have less than two Tokens.

Action 2: Use Witches.
You may pay Gold to a Witch (Swamp Square with Crowns already in your Territory) to destroy another players resources. Choose any Crown Square of any opponent – and remove one resource from each adjacent Square (except for Crown Squares).

Place a gold on the Witch to show it is used, you cannot use it again this game.

A Witch with two crowns (swamp Tile with two crowns) can only be used when paid two gold. You must then select one crown square from two seperate opponents, and remove one resource from each adjacent Square of the Crown Squares.

Play Continues…

After a player resolves their action – they may now choose a new Domino as normal, or choose to Perform an Action again on their next turn.

Gold Mines
When a player places a Gold Mine into their Territory, they immediately gain Gold tokens from the pool onto their castle equal to the Crowns on the Gold Square placed.

Game End and Scoring (Harvest)

If new tiles would normally be drawn, but there are none available; the game ends immediately, and the scoring (Harvest Phase) begins.

Calculate the winner by going through each Resource type, and recording who has the most Resource Tokens of each.
Players with the most of a particular resource token (or equal most) place a token of that type in their Castle Square to record their victory for this resource type.
(eg. Who has the most Fish? That person, or multiple people if a draw, places a single Fish Token into their castle. Now, who has the most Wood? and so on…)

The player with the most Resource tokens on their castle wins. If it’s a draw, the player with the most Gold Tokens on their Castle Square wins, if still a draw, the youngest player wins.