Jonathan Hinson

A Card game for 2 Players.

Players will take turns placing cards in a row (a row each), and each card placed will either be Valid, or Not Valid placement, based on a secret constraint or sequence determined by the other player.

Each player writes down a secret constraint for how a sequence of cards can be placed to be considered a valid before each round.

For example, a Card must be the same colour as the previous card. A card must be Higher than the previous Card, A card must be a Heart etc. There is a reason why you don’t want this sequence to be too hard (players get points if they don’t guess 1 or 2 cards) or too easy (players could end up getting lots of points). The only two rules when creating sequences is: It must be technically possible to place every card as Valid, so no “Every 3rd card can be anything”. And it must be related to the cards themselves, no no “You must place a card while smiling”.

Players take turns placing a card in their Row, and after each card is placed, the other players tells them if it is valid. If it is, move this card down a bit to record a success.

The Round ends after 10 cards placed on each side.

If you have 3 or more Valid Placements – gain 1 point per Valid card.


Gain 6 points if you made no valid placements, 4 points if you have 1 valid placement, 3 points if you have 2 valid placements.

During placement of you cards, if you feel you know the sequence, place cards face down, these will be worth 2 points at the end of the round if correct. (Players reveal secrets at end of round). BUT, it will be worth -1 for each card you are incorrect. Cards can still be placed face up after face down cards, but during the round, they are validated based on the previous face up card. At the end of the round, during scoring, they are validated based on the preceding card.

If someone wins first round by 5 points they win. Otherwise play two rounds. Highest score after 2 rounds wins.