Jonathan Hinson

This is a two player game.

Cards are ranked 2 low to Ace high.

Each player is dealt 7 cards.

The First Player places a card (and draws a card), and the second player places a card on top (and draws a card).

The Second Player must follow suit if able to do so.

If the Second Player followed suit, whoever placed the highest card becomes the First Player, and places the played ards into their Point Pile.

If the Second Player did not follow suit, then the First Player remains the same, and places the played cards into their Point Pile.

The First Player cannot play a Heart card, unless Hearts of been “broken”. This means someone has previously played a heart when they could not follow suit.

When each player has no cards in their hand. Tally all points in each players Point Pile.

Hearts = 1 Point Each

Queen = 13 Points.

If a player has a Queen and an 8 of Diamonds, then their Queen is only worth 3 points.

It is recommended to play multiple games until someone reaches 30 points total. Then whoever has the lowest points wins Seven Card Hearts.

Who Goes First? Whoever has the Lowest Club plays it as the first card of the game.