Jonathan Hinson

2Draw Two (Opponent draws two cards before having their turn)
3Mirror (the card underneath this card is still in play)
7Play Under 7 (the opponent must play their next card under 7)
8Skip (have another turn)
9Switch (The opponent can’t follow suit for the next turn only)
10Clears (have another turn, but play any card you want the second turn)
AWild (Play on Anything)

The winner of this game is the player who has no cards in their hand at the start of the next players turn.

Each player is dealt 10 cards.

Who Goes First?
To start the game, each player places a card face down. Each player then flips their card, the highest card goes on top of the other card and whoever played the highest card goes first – and must play an eligible card on top of their first card.

How To Play
Cards are played in a pile between the players.
Players take turns playing cards onto the pile.

You can only play a card that is either:

You Draw a card at the end of your turn. Unless you played:

If you can’t play a card, end your turn and draw a card.