Jonathan Hinson

This is a cooperative card game for 2 players. (you both win, or you both lose)

Each player is dealt 3 cards face down (These are your “Destiny Cards”), these cards are kept secret. The only hint that you can give as to what these cards are, is by the choices you make in cards you play. ie. there is to be no discussion about this during the game.

The cards you are dealt, represent your ambitions, your desires, and path to happiness. Diamonds are Wealth, Clubs are Fun, Hearts are Love, Spades are Career.

Each player is dealt 7 cards.

One player will play one card to the middle face up, and one card of the same suit in front of themself.

The other player places any card in front of themself and the middle card.

The card in the middle represents a discussion, the cards played represent the level of interest, encouragement, or agreement on that topic.

Whoever played the highest card (not counting the middle card), takes the middle card, and places it face down on the their side, off to the side, into their “Love Pile”.

They also take the ‘Losing’ card, and place it into their hand.

Note: Players are not allowed to discuss what cards they want, which hand they want to win etc. This must only be communicated in the way you play your hands.

Also Note: Your Love Piles are kept face-down, and only you can look at them during the game.

These face down cards will come to represent compatibility, support, shared interests, in the pursuit of love.

Both players now draw cards to have 7 in their hand, and move to the other players turn.

Every time a middle card is taken, which results in the two players having the same number of cards in their Love Piles – The next players turn is skipped, and instead an “Event” occurs.

With an Event, instead of the player playing a card, a card is taken from the top of the draw pile and placed into the middle face up.
(Note: If a King, Queen, or Jack is drawn, it is always placed immediately to the bottom of the Draw Pile, and another card drawn.)

Players place their cards face down, and then reveal to see who wins the card for their Love Pile.

Note: During an Event, players may also play cards from their Love Pile, instead of their hand.

An Event represents a situation that the couple must support each other through. Drawing card from your Love Pile is not always a sacrifice, but usually shows a moment of understanding.

When the Draw Pile is exhausted, play continues until someone is unable to place down two cards of the same suit on their turn.

All remaining cards in hand are placed into the discard pile.

Each player picks up their Love Pile, and hold secretly in their hand.

At this point both player must agree on who will go first for the End Game. If their is any disagreement at this point the game is lost.

Once you know who is going first, that player (Player 1) will flip over one of their Destiny Cards – of their choice.

Then Player 2 places a card of the same suit on top.
If they cannot, or choose not to place a card, then that destiny is unfulfilled, and discarded into the discard pile.

If Player 2 was able to place a card, then Player 1 also places a card of the same suit on top. And that Destiny will be fulfilled.
If they cannot, or choose not to place a card, then that destiny is unfulfilled, and discarded into the discard pile.

Play now moves to the next player to reveal one of their Destiny Cards, and the End Game process above is repeated, until all Destiny Cards are revealed.

If each player has at least 2 Fulfilled Destiny Piles each, you have found True Love and Win the game.