Jonathan Hinson

IMPORTANT NOTICE! I have abandoned this area of the site. I decided instead to develop my own TTRPG: Hinson RPG Core System

What is 5e Lite?

5e Lite is a modified version of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. It was primarily made as a way to be more accessible to my younger players, and myself as a sometimes Game Master – with some simplified mechanics, including the stripping back and bundling of core systems. It also overhauls a few key aspects, like the inclusion of Piecemeal Armour system.

If your interested in my 5e Lite – browse this section of my website, and find a more detailed explanation and list of differences HERE.

Race & Class

Choose a Race. Human, Half-Elf, Elf, or Dwarf.
The choice won’t affect you base stats, skills, or proficiency, however the world may perceive you in a particular way.

Choose a Class. Fighter or Spellcaster.
Fighters specialise in weapon combat, and receive additional melee skills and abilities as they level up.

Spellcasters have dedicated their lives to attuning themselves to the magic of the world. They receive additional magic skills and abilities as they level up. 


5e Lite only has 3 Abilities:

Strength (Measures physical power, endurance, health)
When attacking with a Melee Weapon, add Strength Modifier to Attack Roll, and Damage Roll.

Dexterity (Measures agility, reflexes, dexterity, balance, speed, accuracy, poise)
When attacking with a Missile or Thrown weapon, add Dexterity Modifier to Attack and Damage Roll.

Mind (Measures strength of mind, awareness, reasoning, perception, insight)
When casting a spell, add Mind Modifier to Casting Roll, and Damage Roll. 

Armour Class (AC)

AC is equal to 12 + Armour Points Bonus (APB) + Dex Modifier.

Ability Scores

All players start with 10 on each ability. They then distribute a further 6 points between the Abilities. (15 being the highest allowed on any one stat).

1 Point is assigned to an Ability of players choice at every level gain. 

Hit Points

All Classes start with 10 Hit Points.
Fighters gain 6+Strength Modifier Hit Points per level.
Spellcasters gain 4+Strength Modifier Hit Points per level.


During a Short Rest (1 to 7 hours) with no strenuous activity, you recover half of your missing Hit Points before using Hit Dice for Recovery.
During a Long rest, (8 hours uninterrupted rest) with not strenuous activity, you recover all of your Hit Points.