Starting Equipment:

Fighters start with a backpack including, 1 lantern, 1 flasks of oil, 5 days rations, 1 tinderbox, 1 waterskin, 1 bedroll. The pack also has 50 feet of rope strapped to the side.
Choice of Light (or Medium Weapon if starting Strength adequate)
(When starting with a missile weapon, you receive 30 ammunition)
And choice of Armour (within AP allowance)

Level Benefits:

Level 2: Action Surge: Take an extra Action (once per rest)

Level 3: Second Wind: As an Action recover Hit Points equal to 1d6+Strength Modifier+Level. (once per rest)

Level 4: Charge: When using Dash as an Action, you can also Attack if your Dash ends within melee range of a creature.

Level 5: Dual Wield Medium (Dual wield whilst holding one medium weapon)

Level 6: Extra Attack

Level 7: Improved Critical Roll (19 to 20)

Level 8: Shield Bash: When holding a Shield, Bonus attack with 1d6 disadvantage Damage Roll.

Level 9: Riposte: if a creature rolls a low attack roll against you (GM rolls 1 or 2), that doesn’t hit, you can Attack immediately as a reaction.

Level 10: Precision: You may make any Attack Roll with advantage, and then make your Damage Roll with disadvantage and no Strength Modifier.

Level 11: Dual Wield Heavy (Dual wield whilst holding two medium weapons)

Level 12: 2 Extra Attacks

Level 13: Improved Critical Roll (18 to 20)

Level 14: Feint: Use your Bonus Action to Feint, and then have Advantage on your next Attack this turn.

Level 15: Fight Smarter: You now add your Strength Modifier and your Mind Modifier to your Damage Rolls.

Level 16: Fortitude: Double your Strength Modifier (If lower than half natural max Hit Points) in Combat.

Level 17: Dual Wield Master (Add Strength Modifier to Dual wield Bonus Attack)

Level 18: 3 Extra Attacks

Level 19: Improved Critical Roll (17 to 20)

Level 20: Battle Sense: Gain +5 on your Initiative rolls.