Jonathan Hinson


Weapon Damage is indicated below. You will also add your Strength Modifier to Melee Weapon Attacks, and Dexterity Modifier to Ranged Weapons.

Using a weapon with a with a strength requirement beyond your strength score, will result in a roll with disadvantage.

Dual Wielding

Any Character can wield two weapons, if both weapons are within the “Very Light Melee” to “Light Melee” categories.


Can be used with two hands for bonus damage.


Melee weapons with (ranged) property can be thrown (are always recoverable as an action, or after combat).

Very Light Melee (1d4)

Dagger 2 gp – 1kg (ranged)
Staff, quarterstaff) – 1 gp – 1kg (versatile)

Light Melee (1d6)

(Strength 13 or greater required)

Club 1 gp – 1 kg
Handaxe 5 gp 2kg (ranged)
Sickle 1 gp 1kg
Mace 5 gp bludgeoning 2 kg
Rapier / Scimitar 25 gp  1 kg
Shortsword 10 gp 1 kg

Light Polearms (1d6)

(Strength 13 or greater required)

Spear / Trident 1 gp 1kg. Versatile (1d8) (ranged)

Medium Melee (1d8)

(Strength 15 or greater required)

Morningstar 15 gp 2 kg
Greatclub 1 gp 5kg.Two-handed

Flail 10 gp 1kg
Battleaxe 10 gp 2 kg.Versatile (1d10)
Longsword 15 gp 2 kg.Versatile (1d10)
Warhammer 15 gp 2 kg.Versatile (1d10)

Medium Polearms (1d8)

(Strength 15 or greater required)

Halberd, Glaive, Scythe, Poleaxe, Maul etc. 20 gp 3 kg Two-handed (add 1 meter to attack range).

Heavy Melee (1d12)

(Strength 17 or greater required)

Greataxe 30 gp 4 kg. Two-handed

Greatsword 50 gp 3 kg Two-handed

Light Ranged Weapons (1d6)

Handaxe 5 gp 1 kg (range 20/60)
Spear / Trident, Javelin 1 gp 1kg (range 20/60)
Dagger 2 gp 1kg (range 20/60)
Crossbow, light 25 gp 3kg Ammunition (range 80/320), loading, two-handed
Shortbow 25 gp 1kg Ammunition (range 80/320), two-handed
Sling 1 gp —Ammunition (range 30/120)

Heavy Ranged Weapons (1d8)

Crossbow, heavy 50 gp 6kg. Ammunition (range 100/400) loading, two-handed
Longbow 50 gp 1kg. Ammunition (range 150/600) two-handed

(Note: Heavy Ranged Weapons have disadvantage with Attack Rolls, unless you have the “Heavy Shot” Feat).


Arrow 1 sp 1
Blowgun needles (10) 1 sp 1
Crossbow bolt 1 sp 2
Sling bullets (20) 1 sp 1

Special Arrows/Bolts

Fire 5sp (not pointy, but can be ignited (Bonus Action) and shot. Does 1d4 Fire Damage.

Silvered 1gp (Silvered)

Venom 1gp (Does 1d4 damage, and 1d4 Poison Damage)

Blessed Arrows 5sp (+1 Damage to undead creatures).

Armour Piecing 5sp (+1 on Attack Roll against “Armoured”, “Natural Armour” creatures)